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A Metropolitan Vampire Society
New York's Original Salon Noir!

Dearest brethren of the Court of Lazarus,
You're invited to our 184th Court of Lazarus; an evening of dark music and darker ideas.
Here's what to expect at Court this month:
The Triumphant Return of DJ Ana Vice
Our very own Citizen Ana Vice has returned from abroad, bringing with her some fantastic music for the evening. Spinning some of the best in Goth, allow yourself to become enraptured by the melodies she provides.
The Vampire Redefined: A Conclave of Vampire Folklore
What makes a Vampire? How would you define one? Join us for a thought provoking discussion on how history has molded the current perception of the vampire archetype.
The Ritual of the Three Poisons
A mysterious ritual will be led by yet another Citizen. The lovely Jennifer Bobbe will intoxicate us all with the Ritual of the Three Poisons. What has this creature concocted, you may ask, and to what end? Join us and all will be revealed.
Macabre May Raffle Basket
As always, we provide some of the finest gothic reveries within our bountiful raffle basket. A mere two dollars offers a chance to win but those of you spring a New Goth City RIP pin will obtain one raffle ticket gratis.
As a gift to our loyal Citizens and their beloved guests, Court will be free of charge this month.
Court begins at 9:00pm for all Citizens and Guests. Come early to wet your taste buds with drink specials at 8pm!
Gothic formal dress is *required* but aesthetic hedonism is always appreciated!
Admission is free and we are open to those 21 and older (with valid ID).
Photography and videography are strictly prohibited in New York's Original Salon Noir.

Amor et Fidelitas,
A. Valkyrie
Regent of the Court of Lazarus
Ordo Arcana Imperii
Order of the Black Marble

The Court of Lazarus is a Salon Noir, a forum for dark ideas, performances and rituals combined with a classic Goth lounge night and dark cocktail party - and some surprises are always thrown in.
PLEASE NOTE: We *strictly* enforce both our dress code and our 21 and older age policy. Please refrain from bringing any weapons to Court unless we are doing a special blade blessing ritual. Photography and videography is not permitted.