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A Metropolitan Vampire Society
New York's Original Salon Noir!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Lazarus,
I am delighted to announce our 217th Court will be held on Sunday, Feb 16th 2020. Join us on the upper floor for an evening of enthralling music and captivating conversation as we celebrate 18 Years of Sovereignty.
Here’s what to expect for this month’s Court:
DJ Mekkah Spins for the Court
DJ Mekkah returns to spin the best of industrial and dark dance for us this month. Join us and enjoy some enthralling music over cocktails of your choosing!
Black Marble Inductions with Prelate Naamah Aeternus
Come and witness the initiation of the new inductees of the Order of the Black Marble. Join us in honoring those individuals who have earned this distinction through their personification of the Pax Vampyri.
Citizenship Vow Renewal with Regent Emeritus Malackai
In the month when we honor our commitment to our loved ones, Regent Emeritus Malackai leads our Court in a ritual to renew and strengthen their oath to the Court of Lazarus. A ritual most befitting our anniversary Court event!
Guest Performance by LEX and the Cult of Spirits
The entrancing LEX graces us with a darque and mesmerizing performance. Joined by the troupe "The Cult of Spirits", she hold us all in awe with a formidable conjuring of artistry.
Bloody Valentine Raffle Basket
As always, the Court will have a decadent selection of items of the enigmatic and intoxicating variety held within this month’s basket. Only two dollars is needed to win it all!
Additional Important Info and Rules of our Court are as follows:
+- Doors open at 7pm. Court officially begins at 9 pm on the upper floor. Feel free to come early and satiate your appetite with potions of the alcohol variety.
+- Admission is $7 for Citizens and Guests, ages 21 and older (with valid ID)
+- Open to those 21 and older (with valid ID)
+- Gothic formal dress is expected and required. All-Black Attire is also acceptable. Extravagance is always appreciated!
+- Photography and videography are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all areas of New York's Original Salon Noir.
I look forward to seeing you all there!
With Love and Loyalty,
Interim Regent of the Court of Lazarus


The Court of Lazarus is a Salon Noir, a forum for dark ideas, performances and rituals combined with a classic Goth lounge night and dark cocktail party - and some surprises are always thrown in.
PLEASE NOTE: We *strictly* enforce both our dress code and our 21 and older age policy. Please refrain from bringing any weapons to Court unless we are doing a special blade blessing ritual. Photography and videography is not permitted.