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A Metropolitan Vampire Society
New York's Original Salon Noir!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Court of Lazarus,
It was my great privilege to share a magical evening with you all this past Sunday for the 182nd Court of Lazarus! It is your undying support and enthusiasm that make Lazarus the Original Salon Noir!
Thanks to DJ Valefar Malefic creating the musical ambiance throughout the entire evening! Your talent and sheer presence is appreciated.
I dedicate my deepest gratitude to Efrain Gonzalez for revealing his photos from the Hellfire Press archives and the amazing history therein.
Congratulations to Lord Draken BlackKnight for taking his Oath of Eldership! A title well deserved, may he continue to serve our community and his name remembered for all eternity!
Special thanks to Enrico Fales for delivering a spectacular Vernal Equinox ritual as well as his beautiful gift to the Court. A powerful follow up to his Thelma conclaves; may the coming of Spring amplify our Will and bring forth all of our desires. A big undead Thank You to the lovely ladies of Naughty Noir; Dandy and Puss, for their sexy burlesque performance! They were an absolutely spectacular sight to behold!
Congratulations to Sensei Peter Flores for winning this month’s Raffle Basket! Additionally, we would like to thank EL OMERTA for donating such an abundant raffle basket to the Court. Join us next month for even more tempting treats.
Our honored Guests of the evening were far too many to name. That said, we appreciate the continued patronage of: Magistra Xia, Alad Irhandi, Lord Havic Madji and everyone else who came to support!
On behalf of the Lazarus Council, we look forward to seeing you at our next Court gathering on April 16, 2017.
Amor et Fidelitas,
A. Valkyrie
Regent of the Court of Lazarus
Ordo Arcana Imperii
Order of the Black Marble

The Court of Lazarus is a Salon Noir, a forum for dark ideas, performances and rituals combined with a classic Goth lounge night and dark cocktail party - and some surprises are always thrown in.
PLEASE NOTE: We *strictly* enforce both our dress code and our 21 and older age policy. Please refrain from bringing any weapons to Court unless we are doing a special blade blessing ritual. Photography and videography is not permitted.